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Out-Patient Addiction Services

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MWW provides a multidisciplinary approach to treatment to address the consumer’s individual needs related to addictions or co-occurring disorders, while allowing them to remain in the community working, attending school or participating within their general family systems. MWW is a SAPTA certified community addictions agency.  


MWW offers educational and clinical interventions to consumers to aid in their understanding of the brain science behind addiction and relapse. The program demonstrates and teaches skills that will lead to healthy coping patterns, anger management and relapse prevention. In addition, clients learn to dissect the underlying issues that may have led to their substance abuse and explore triggers and conditions that may be causing them to relapse.  


MWW ensures that efforts are made to reach out to family members and natural supports because it is our belief that family involvement in treatment and treatment planning play an integral role in the recovery process. In addition, group treatment and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) will be utilized when necessary to aid in the management of addictions.

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