Multicultural Wellness West's Biofeedback program is a computer-aided training method in which heart rate variability is measured to aid in monitoring the body's physiological response to stress and and a host of conditions that impact one's level of functioning.  Biofeedback teaches individuals to control their heart rate through breathing techniques to aid in the reduction of their body's response to stimulus that heightens their autonomic nervous system.  During biofeedback individuals can immediately learn to regulate their breathing and gain control over anxiety, depression, anger, ADHD and the conditions. 

Through biofeedback, disorders or unwanted behavior patterns are reduced and patients learn to better regulate their emotions and achieve more functionality. 

​What makes us different?

Diversity, Inclusion, Holistic Approach and Evidence Based Practices

Borrowing from a successful behavioral health practice in Massachusetts, Multicultural Wellness West (MWW) provides innovative treatment approaches and practices, while maintaining a balance of core values related to service provision as well as internal values that pertain to service providers.  We recruit and train staff that is professional and culturally competent to work with a diverse population.  

MWW is an authorized provider for the Clark County Department of Family Services (DFS), the Clark County Department of Juvenile Justice Service (DJJS), the Clark County School District (CCSD), and the Harbor Juvenile Assessment Center. 


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