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Unique Services

Multicultural Wellness West (MWW) provides services to elevate clients to a higher level through a relational approach to service provision. We believe that in order to create change, there must be trust in the consumer’s view of the provider and the services that are being offered.  MWW engages clients on a level that allows them to have an authentic experience.


Some of our unique services include the following:

  • Rites of Passage program for males

  • New Horizons program for girls

  • Trauma focused treatment interventions to support those who have been involved in human trafficking

  • Re-entry program for those who have been incarcerated

  • Rehabilitation services for those who suffer from addiction

  • Treatment for victims of domestic violence

  • Family focused treatment for those who have been involved in services with the Division of Child & Family Services.

  • Wraparound and supportive services for youth involved in the juvenile justice system

  • Consultation and support to school systems who utilize a Multi-tiered system of supports to assist students in need of targeted and intensive intervention.  These interventions may include social emotional learning groups, specific skill developmental through mentoring and basic skills training as well as trauma focused interventions to assist teachers in developing a trauma sensitive classroom.

  • Interconnected systems of support

  • Relaxation

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Holistic Practices

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