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Community Based Programs

MWW provides additional community based programs, which will serve to enhance traditional outpatient services.


These services include:

Psychosocial Rehabilitation
This service aids in the recovery process by assisting individuals in the performance of activities of daily living, social activities and the attainment of employment skills.


Basic Skills Training (BST)
BST is administered by a qualified bachelors level provider who is certified in teaching specific skills to individuals to help improve their overall emotional/ life functioning. Utilizing cognitive behavioral techniques, modeling, social skills training, positive reinforcement, and role playing, participants are taught to increase their activities of daily living and self-care. Services are provided to children and adults.


Crisis Intervention Services
This service is rehabilitative in nature, and behavioral health interventions are utilized to address emergent needs of recipients who are undergoing acute psychological or emotional distress. The goal of crisis intervention services is to assess and stabilize issues by providing brief interventions and linking to appropriate behavioral health services.

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